"Below Radhasoami Pad, leaving  two stages in between, is the region of Satnam or Sat Lok.  It is highly refulgent, pure and free from any alloy and is absolutely spiritual.  It is the beginning and the end of the entire creation below it.  Here occurred the manifestation of Sat Shabd, which is also known as 'Maha Nad', 'Sar Shabd' 'Sat Purush' and 'Adi Purush'.  

          Two currents descended from here and pervaded all the nether rgions.  In Sant Mat, Sat Purush is called the true lord and creator.  He is 'Ajar' (undecaying), 'Amar' (undying), 'Avinashi' (indestructible) and ever constant.  Sants are incarnations or embodiments of Sat Purush.  This is the region of Dayal Purush (Merciful Being).  There is eternal grace, mercy and bliss here.  In this region, countless 'Hansas' (celestial beings) or devotees live in various 'Dweeps' (islands) and enjoy the bliss of Darshan of Sat Purush and subsist on 'Amrit' (nectar).  There is no trace of Kal, Karma, anger, punishment, virtue, vice, suffering and retribution.  For this reason, Sat Purush is called merciful.  

          True and perfect Faqirs ave referred to this region as 'Hut'.  On descent from Radhasoami Pad, Surat (spirit) took location here and then again went downwards.  He alone who has pinned his faith in Radhasoami, has unflinching reliance in His Feet and after traversing through all the regions reaches Sat Lok, can also have access into Radhasoami Pad.  There is know other way.  It is for this reason that Sants prescribe the worship of Sat Purush Radhasoami who is their 'isht' (goal) and Master.  One who reaches there is acalled Sant and Sat Guru.  Now on else has a right to be designated as Sant or Sat Guru."

(Shiv Dayal Singh.  "Sar Bachan Radhasoami (Prose)".  Soamibagh, Agra.  Pp. 17-18)


     Sat Lok is also called the "Soul Plane".  It is the first of the purely Spiritual regions.  There there is no mind, no duality, no cause and effect - just pure eternal love awareness and beingness.  And we as Souls are particles of - expressions of - that awareness and beingness.  This is where we were created, where we come from, and where we return.  

     Sat Lok is fundamental goal - the prime directive - of Surat Shabda Meditation.  Reaching Sat Lok is vastly more important than exploring any of the dual worlds of mind, causality and emotion (Mental, Causal and Astral Planes).  Being there should always be first and foremost in our attention.  It is our True Eternal Home.

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