"And when . . . with the Satguru's will and tranquil mind, the disciple grows in love and devotion for the Shabd-Dhun and obtains its bliss, that love and devotion will merge surat, nirat and the higher mind into the Shabd-Dhun, and it will feel as if the Supreme Lord, Radha Soami Dayal, is showering his mercy upon us. However much pain the body might feel, even then consider it to be his grace and mercy. Always remember this: that you are to give your whole love and affection to the sound of the Shabd-Dhun, then grace and mercy will reach you in every way. So do not be perturbed."

- Baba Jaimal Singh, in a letter to Sawan Singh dated January 1903. From "Spiritual Letters". pg. 204. RSSB. 1958




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