"It is the duty of the Master to lead the soul of the disciple through the various regions, and into the lap of Sat Purush.  From here the soul's upward progress is speeded up by the special power of Sat Purush.  After crossing the next two higher regions, that is Alakh and Agam, the soul reaches the last stage, called Anami, the Nameless, or Radha Soami (the Lord of the Soul).  The light of a billion suns and a billion moons would not compare with the light of one hair on the body of Alakh Purush, the Lord of the Alak or Invisible Region.  In the region of Agam, the Inaccessible Realm, the light of a hundred billion suns and a hundred billion moons falls short of the light given out by a single hair on the body of its Lord, Agam Purush.  Concerning the last stage or the highest region, the abode of the Supreme Creator God, the Saints keep silent.  It has no beginning nor end.  It is so vast that it could not possibly be described in the language of this world. 

               'Alakh Purush above that His court doth hold; and His  true essence can the soul behold.'  (Swami Ji)

               'Agam - a marvel of a land doth above that lie.  Only a rare mystic's soul doth mount that aerie.'  (Swami Ji)

               'He should above Alakh Lok soar, and finding then Alakh Agam he will to the Realm of Saints come, where Nanak slave hath found his home: a haven where to rest e'ermore.'  (Guru Nanak)

               'From there is visible the eternal tower; wondrous indeed is the palace of Radha Soami.  Supremely enchanted, the soul mergeth in that Anami-Purush.'  (Swami Ji)"

(Hazur Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj.  "Discourses on Sant Mat".  RSSB 1963.  Pp. 237-38)

In the LightSong of Eternal Love,

May the Blessings Be!



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