"Daswan Dwar has the form of an eight-petalled lotus.  On the right there is Anchint dip (inconceivable island kingdom) and the lotus there is twelve-petalled.  On the left lies the Sehaj dip (Blissful Region) with a ten-petalled lotus.

          The sound of the kingri and sarangi, or stringed muscial instruments, permeates the region of Daswan Dwar.  Guru Nanak once met some yogis who were playing the kingri and said to them: 'This is not the kingri that will deepen your contemplation.  Play upon that kingri, O sadhus, which is part of the Anahad Shabd, the Unstruck Music, and which unites you with God.'

               'In all hearts rings the music of the lute; its tunes exhilarate night and day. Rare are those who enjoy these.  Curb the mind and by Guru's grace be enlightened.'
          (Guru Nanak)

              'T'he sound of the Kingri is coming fro heaven.  It is not the sound of any worldly instrument.'

'The ninth lotus is in Daswan Dwar.  Par Brahm lives there, aloof.'
          (Swami Ji)

          In the region of Daswan Dar, the soul's own light is equal to that of twelve suns. In spite of this it cannot pierce through the dark region of Maha Sunn, or the Great Void, that lies just beyond.  In order to cross this region. the soul needs the light of the Master. The Lord of Daswan Dwar is Rarankar."

(Maharaj Sawan Singh.  "Discourses on Sant Mat".  RSSB 1963.  Pp 229-230)

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